Boston City Hall

Local Government

Like every great city, Boston is changing. There are new people in City Hall with new ideas, new priorities and a strong commitment to making Boston great. The old way of doing business will not be successful.

New Boston Strategies is uniquely positioned to help our clients be a part of an exciting and vibrant Boston. Our team of professionals has decades of successful experience working in and around Boston, helping clients work with the Boards, Commissions, Authorities and the people who make up local government.

Our Relationships Run Deep

In the City of Boston, our relationships run deep. We know the City, its neighborhoods and most especially the men and women committed to making Boston a world class city. We can help our clients navigate through a sometimes complex web of departments to make their case.

In other communities across Massachusetts, we have a successful track record of helping clients find success.

For more information on how we might help you meet the challenges of local government, contact us.