Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

In baseball, if the batter runs to second or third base before he touches first base, he is out. A solid hit, even a home run is nothing more than an out if the player doesn’t touch all the bases and in the right order. The same is true for government.

How Your Idea Will Touch All the Bases

New Boston Strategies understands the rules of the game. From City Hall to the State House, we know what is expected and how to get an idea a fair and impartial hearing. The first step in the process is developing a solid game plan.

Working with our clients, we can help you craft a strategic plan which takes your idea and touches all of the bases. That plan could include steps designed to present your idea to the community, to the media and to governmental leaders. It might also include the creation of materials to help communicate your idea and vision to target audiences.

A part of any strategic plan might include the services of outside specialists with specific skills designed to help move your idea forward. Our professionals have experience working with a wide range of professionals who bring unique skills to the table. We can work with members of your team or recommend others who might assist as needed.

For more information on how we might help you touch all of the bases, contact us.